Monday, August 17, 2009

Anne - Senior Photo Shoot

I love senior sessions! They are so much fun! You get to get all dressed up and go out and have a fashion shoot just like America's Next Top Model! I love helping the girls decide on outfits to wear and usually bring along a few extra accessories to play around with. I get to play Tyra (but not quite as crazy)and direct the photo shoot and run around to find different locations to shoot in.

If you want to have your own photo shoot complete with a wanna-be stylist email me at

Anne is my cousin's wife's (and good friend) sister. She is a beautiful girl with legs that go on for years. She agreed to be one of my senior reps and braved the 100 degree weather to go out and model for me. Anne was great and we had lots of fun! Thanks so much Anne for doing this for me! Enjoy!


Cristi said...

awesome job, raquel! lindas as fotos :)

amanda thiessen said...

nice color!

Meg said...

Super pretty! Love all the back lighting

Christen said...

They came out so good:) we just have to work on annes serious face haha...great job raquel!!!!