Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adriano's Rockstar Party!

I've had a couple people ask me about what I did for Adriano's birthday party so I decided to go ahead and blog it!

We had a rockstar themed baby shower and his room is decorated in a rockstar theme as well so we decided to keep with the theme for his first birthday.

I took him out and did a little photo shoot with him to make the invitations.

My husband Jason and I both have large families with lots of kids so I knew we needed to keep them entertained.  I covered a couple of the tables with butcher paper and put lots of crayons on them so the kids (and some adults!) could draw and color on them.  That turned out to be a really good idea!  I also hung up a backdrop and had wigs and props to take pictures with - kind of like a photo booth.  The kids loved it!

Some of the adults had fun with the photo booth too!

We also had a Wii with Rock Bank for the older kids to play during the party.  For table decorations I just used some of Adriano's toy instruments that he already had and then got blow up guitars, stickers and temporary tatoos that I sprinkled on the tables (from oriental trading). I also found these frames at target that were records with the middle cut out of them that I put on some of the tables as well. (Could easily be made too)  We hung up a couple posters on the wall too.

As far as food we kept is simple and barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs with a couple salads, beans and chips.  The party turned out great and Adriano and the other kids had a lot of fun!  

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