Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marianne: Hanford Senior Photo Shoot

This shoot is all thanks to Kera. We became friends on facebook as we have mutual friends. Even though we had never really spoken in person, Kera has referred me to her family and friends. When I asked for some seniors, she hooked me up with her sister-in-law Marianne.

Marianne is a gorgeous girl, inside and out. She has so much drive and determination. She is ASB president, on the volleyball team, working hard to be validictorian and wants to go to Stanford next year. I have no doubt that she will be very successful at anything she attempts to do.

I loved this shoot so much and had tons of fun with Marianne and Kera. Thank you Kera for introducing me to Marianne and for being out chauffer for the afternoon. And thanks Marianne for being you and letting me capture your beauty! Enjoy!

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