Thursday, September 10, 2009

Location, Location, Location

So I've decided to try to blog more often than I have been! I've been so busy lately with work, photography, my baby boy and life in general that it's hard to find the time! I'll be posting some pictures of Labor Day weekend stay tuned!

I've decided to post some tips on taking pictures from locations, to wardrobe, to anything you want to know!

First up - location. This is one of the most important things to consider when booking a photo session. I am an on location natural light photographer and love to have my clients choose their own locations. This really works great for both the client and me! I get to shoot in great new locations and the client gets to have a say in their photographs.

When coming up with locations think of places that mean something to you - where you first met, your first date, somewhere you hang out often, somewhere that you will feel comfortable...even your own home. Here are some examples of awesome locations that were suggested by my even awesom-er (is that a word??) clients!

Cherie and Steve at the laundromat - Steve's family own and operate laundromats and Steve had the brilliant idea to shoot in one and the photos turned out to be some of my favorites!

I did an entire family shoot in and around the home - with a young child and a newborn it's best to keep them where they feel comfortable and relaxed.

For Marianne's senior session we just drove up the road and found an awesome orchard with amazing light to shoot in and this shot has to be one of my FAVES of all time!

Here's one from Donny and Maria's engagement session that was totally Donny's idea. He's a member of the forcado bullfighting group so we headed into the ring for part of the shoot.

There are so many great locations out there - just use your creativity, trust your instinct and if you need suggestions I'd be happy to offer some! I'll post about choosing clothing next!

I'm off to pick up my little sis from the airport now for a fun-filled weekend at the coast with the best cousins in the world for Cherie's bachelorette party! I am so excited and will definitely have pictures to post on Monday!


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