Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I got to spend some time today with my avo (grandpa) making wine. I don't know what he enjoys more...making the wine or drinking it but I had a great time watching and helping him. My avo has always been full of life and is always there whenever we need anything. He is such a strong man yet can be so soft too. He can be loud and stubborn (which is a trait that many of us have inherited!) but it has always amazed me how unafraid he is to show emotion and never fails to say goodbye or end a phone call without saying "i love you" in that thick Portuguese accent. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to capture him doing one of the things he loves doing--working with his hands! Makes me want to be a wine maker!

Of course you have to taste the wine to make sure it's good!


Christen said...

When did u take these?!?! I love them ... avo is so freakn cute:)

Raquel Leal said...

Hi Christen! I went out to Tio Arnold's today while he was making the wine!

Cristi said...

aww, que lindo o seu avo! great images!

Tessa said...

These pictures are really cool - and you had a good model. ;)